On Becoming the Stones, 2019, Lacoste, France

On Becoming the Stones, 2019, Lacoste, France

My name is Anna Robertson…

In March of 2018, I was sitting under a large tree on an island off the coast of Georgia. I was recovering from my laparoscopic surgery for endometriosis, a chronic condition where tissue that grows within the uterus that is shed during a menstrual cycle instead grows outside the uterus and other organs. I had not quite healed, but all I wanted to do was get on with my life. I felt alone in my pain, frustrated, and angry at my body.


I sat on the beach under the giant tree, still healing, and stared up at the tree. As I did, I noticed the ferns and Spanish Moss growing from the bark of the tree, separate from the tree, but also part of it, strangling, and maybe painful, but the most beautiful thing I had seen. 


And I thought, in a way, that was me. I was the tree with the strangling vines, alive, encompassed, and beautiful in a way.


I became fascinated with the mirror between humans and nature, the repetition of patterns between the two. We are all made of the collateral damage of dying stars, the same elements arranged just a little differently. There are repetitions, and I seek to show it in my photography. We have more in common than just what we see on the surface, we are micro galaxies, tiny forests.

My work is not about nature overpowering humanity, or humans overpowering nature, this is about our connection to the natural world. We are living in syncopation with one another, and my work is an attempt to view the mirror. What appears on trees can also appear in humanity, good or bad, like me. We just have to notice the details.

My name is Anna Robertson, and this is my heart and soul in your hands.